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Paperless Councils

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Our meeting management module helps you coordinate the publication of agendas, minutes and meeting papers. The information is published on your website in an easily accessible manner. It is used by many parish and town councils around the country.

Members of the public and councillors can then easily view and download the papers from any device.

Anyone can download publicly available meeting papers. This saves the council time and money when coordinating these meetings as you no longer need to print and distribute lots of paper.

You can manage private or restricted papers securely making them only visible to those members of the meeting that should have access to the information. This also saves the council time and money, but has the added benefit of ensuring that only the people who should see the papers have access to them.

The meetings calendar shows public meetings to everyone. Private meetings are only visible in the calendar for Councillors or other authorised attendees.

Belper Town Council

Liz Page, Clerk to Belper Town Council said: "UKLC has very powerful calendar functionality allowing you to store public and private meetings. The public can only see full council and committee meetings whilst Councillors can see everything including working party meetings".

"The document management system (DMS) allows us to store all documents in one place and to tag them making it very easy to manage versions and to search for and locate documents of interest. Each document can be public or private and linked to calendar entries, this makes it possible for Councillors to be completely paperless with rapid links to agendas, minutes and papers all from within a single entry in the council meetings calendar".

"We have successfully used the UKLC meeting management module to achieve our ambition of running a 'paperless' council. Each Councillor is issued with a tablet device".

Liz went on to say that "the savings in paper alone are over £1000 per year". Councillors can only access their emails from their tablets keeping everything all in one place. This makes it easy for the council to manage emails for GDPR with nothing being stored on personal devices.