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Online Consultations

Fully engage with your community

Online surveys are a fantastic tool to engage with your community and inform your decision making. Consulting with your parishioners opens up dialogue, improves relationships and enriches campaigns and activities in your local area.

Never before has it been so important to understand your community and to gain their feedback on things. Consultations can help to guide your decisions, campaigns and activities. Are you considering taking on additional work or facilities from a higher tier authority or embarking on a Neighbourhood Plan? Collecting the opinions of your electorate is crucial. Online consultation is an invaluable resource to help steer your council's decision making. It's inexpensive and a quick way for your council to find out what people want and to gather evidence of need.

UKLC has a powerful form builder. You can quickly construct questionnaires and the results are stored in a database for further analysis. You can build as many as you like and there is no extra cost.

Baildon Town Council

Louanna Winch, Clerk to Baildon Town Council said: "We have found the UKLC website invaluable to help us quickly build and promote online consultations, it's dead easy to do. We've done loads and they have really helped us to shape our understanding of our parishioners views."

"In the autumn of 2018, 459 Baildon residents completed a questionnaire about the issues which they considered to be the most important for Baildon. By using the UKLC online questionnaire tool we were quickly able to setup the online form for completion. We were then able to download the results and analyse them. The overall results of the survey confirmed that the issues which Baildon Town Council and partner agencies have been focusing on in recent years, are in line with the issues and concerns of residents that took part in the survey. The results have now been incorporated into the updated "BAILDON PLAN 2019."

"We have also recently conducted a survey on a 'community asset'. It's a building and some land, we consulted with the public on what facilities should be available. We received 730 online completions for that. We also conducted a youth survey to get a better understanding of their specific issues."

Louanna went on to say: "The form builder is very powerful. You can quickly build complex questionnaires and include all sorts of fields; text box, text area, drop down lists, radio buttons, check boxes, date & time, file uploads etc. The fields can be set to various sizes and made mandatory and you can build as many forms as you want."

"The UKLC website provided by 2commune has certainly improved the overall efficiency of the council. The ease of use and flexibility of what can be achieved has astonished us. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend 2commune."