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The Old Rectory

2commune specialise in providing digital technology exclusively to the Local Council sector and are well established as one of the leading suppliers to this market. Our team understand the legislative requirements within which Local Councils work and have an in depth understanding of their business.

Our head office is in The Old Rectory on Main Street, Glenfield, ideally placed in the centre of the country. It's right on the north-western outskirts of Leicester near junction 21A on the M1 motorway. This Grade II listed building is a lovely place to work, full of character and history. One of its staircases dates back to Jacobean times.

2commune is 30% owned by Cuttlefish (our business partner) who provide technical resource on an 'as and when required' basis. This allows us to scale our development capacity to meet fluctuating demands. Not relying on a single developer (as some companies do) also means that we don't loose the skills if someone leaves. Cuttlefish are at the cutting edge of web development which means new ideas are constantly being fed in, to improve our product which is called UK Local Councils (UKLC).

Similarly we have a number of associates (familiar with UKLC) who work with us which enables us to scale our professional and support services as required.

This flexible approach to staffing coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the sector means that we are able to offer our clients a highly proficient and cost effective service.

We manage our finances carefully in order to ensure the future sustainability of our company. We don't borrow money, our growth is based on retained income. However in the highly unlikely event of our company failing Cuttlefish would continue to provide the service (as detailed in the UKLC Service Agreement) giving confidence that you are investing in a long term relationship.

We are passionate about the sector, our Managing Director, Tina Britt is a member of the Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Local Council's 'Local Council Award Scheme' accreditation panel. Ray Smith is a Parish Councillor, we understand what it's like on 'your side of the table' and the pressures that you work under. Tina and Ray used to work for Leicestershire County Council were they setup an infrastructure to deliver 'joined up digital services' across the three tiers of local government in Leicestershire & Rutland in 2001. Cuttlefish have been working with us to develop technology for local councils since then.

We provide websites for several of the County Associations of Local Councils and are working with them to replicate the proven 'Leicestershire Model' to join up websites and back end systems across local government in their areas.


We equip local councils with the tools and knowledge required to deliver high quality, online information and services to the communities that they serve.

Tina Britt

Tina Britt

Managing Director

Ray Smith

Ray Smith

Strategy & Development Director

Gabriella Busko

Gabriella Busko

Reception & Admin

Jon Ferguson

Jon Ferguson

Technical Director

What We Do

We supply joined-up web technologies that make good communication simple. We combine their power, and a detailed knowledge of local council business with service and support that will delight you.

Our proven technology joins-up online information and service delivery across the three tiers of local government making it easy for your customers to 'self serve'.

Our tried and tested web products known as UKLC (UK Local Councils) are rapidly becoming the 'industry standard' for Parish and Town Council websites. If you are interested in joining the growing community of UKLC users; Contact us now to find out how we can work together to Enhance your council's reputation, Improve communications & Save staff time.

Who Benefits?

Your customers - All our websites provide one view of services across the three tiers of local government, making it easy for someone to find whatever they want, without needing to know who provides it, with access to the information at a time that suits them. This approach benefits both site visitors and council staff - it saves their time, directs users to the right service provider, and reduces the number of calls and queries to staff.

All sites are designed to comply with usability guidelines ensuring the best visitor experience for site visitors. They also share a common look and feel which helps visitors quickly find their way around neighbouring sites.

Your council - Integrating information and services across the tiers of local government helps produce 'rich' content which draws more users to your site, and increases engagement with residents. The ability to deliver more services online, and out of 'office hours', reduces the amount of 'avoidable contact' saving considerable time and leaving you to prioritise other activities. The level of automation provided by our web technologies helps you to focus on content rather than presentation and improves your efficiency freeing your time for other activities.

The sites are built around a template of pages (which can be easily adapted) which will help you meet the requirements for the Local Council Award Scheme, the Information Commissioner and Open Data regulations. Their common look and feel, with excellent support, helps to provide continuity when clerks move between councils.

2commune Limited is Registered in England 5609420 Registered office: The Old Rectory, Main Street, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8DG

2commune Limited is registered as a Data Controller (Reg. No. Z3174927)